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REX-RED (Exynos 5260)
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Product : REX-RED (Exynos 5260)
Size : 12cm(W) x 14.9cm(D) x 8.6cm(H)
Weight : Weight 80g
Availability : 2 weeks after payment
Shipping : Cash On Delivery
Price : USD 270
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Delivery area : Worldwide
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REX-RED used MCU which Samsung Exynos 5260 is a system on a chip (SoC) based on the 32-Bit RISC processor tablet PCs. Designed with the 28nm low power HKMG process, Exynos 5260 provides the best performance features such as A15 dual and A7 quad core CPU, highest memory bandwidth, WQXGA display, 1080p 60fps (frame per second) video decoding and encoding hardware, 3D graphics hardware, image signal processor, and high-speed inter faces such as eMMC5.0 and USB 3.0.


Exynos 5260 adopts the CortexA15 dual cores, which is 40% DMIPS higher than the CortexA9 core targets 1.5GHz speed. It also incorporates the Cotex-A7 core (quad) which enables energy efficient computing for less intensive tasks, Exynos 5260 provides 12.8 GB/s memory bandwidth for heavy traffic operations such as 1080p video en/decoding, 3D graphics display and high resolution image signal processing with WQXGA display. The application processor supports dynamic virtual address mapping aiding software engineers to fully utilize the memory resources easily.




REX-RED Compositions




REX-RED Block Diagram 



REX-RED S/W Specification 



REX-RED H/W Specification 

< Main CPU Module >



< Base Board > 

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※ REX-RED(Exynos 5260) released...!!
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